Frequently Asked Questions BMC-84 Bonds
What is the freight broker bond amount?
The freight broker bond or BMC-84 bond requires a bond amount of $75,000.

What is the cost of the bond?
The bond ranges in price from $614 to $5,625.
The cost of the bond is dependent on personal credit score,
company financial statement, and personal financial statement.

Does the freight broker bond require collateral?
We do not require collateral on the bond.

Do you accept new freight brokers?
We do accept new brokers. However, we ask that you have experience in a related field.

How do I obtain a copy of my freight broker bond?
The bond is filed electronically with the FMSCA. There is no hard copy of the bond.

How can I verify if the $75,000 freight broker bond is active?
The current status of all freight brokers including the status on the freight broker bond can be verified at Verify Freight Broker Bond & Status

I received a letter from FMCSA that I am being investigated and my authority may be revoked. Why did I receive this letter?
Surety companies are required to notify the FMCSA that $10,000 broker bonds are being cancelled on Oct 1st. All $10,000 bonds are being
cancelled because the FMCSA is changing the bond amount and the bond form. The FMCSA will open an investigation for revocation of authority
whenever a surety company cancels the BMC 84 bond. There is a 30-day window for a new bond to be filed before the revocation occurs. Here is
a copy of
the Notice of Investigation For Revocation Of Authority letter that most brokers will receive.

Where can I read the federal regulations in regard to the $75,000 BMC 84 bond?
Federal regulations were recently released in regard to the changes. Read the latest regulations on BMC 84 and broker bonds. has one simple goal:

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