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A freight broker bond is required by the Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to be a
transportation broker. Other names for this bond are
BMC-84, ICC Bond, DOT Freight Forwarder Bond, DOT
Freight Bond, and a Property Brokers Surety Bond. The
FMCSA also allows brokers to submit the BMC-85 trust
fund in lieu of a bond. However, using BMC-85 can tie up
needed capital. Form BMC-84 is often less expensive.
Purchasing your Form BMC-84 ICC Freight Broker Bond should be easy. And that is our number one goal.

Many surety agents make the process much more difficult that it has to be. That's why we streamlined the ICC Bond process. You can apply online, receive online approval
and pay online. We will need financial statements of your company and your personal financial statement. You can email those to info@warnockagency.com or fax to

We issue a no-collateral Freight Broker Bond! Decisions are usually made in 24 hours or less. We transmit your bond electronically to FMCSA so that you can begin
brokering faster.
PH: 678-971-4195
FAX: 678-450-7333
4810 McEver Road
Oakwood, GA 30566
Apply Online or Call 1-866-546-4605
We Are Now Approving $75,000 BMC-84 Bonds as required by FMSCA to be effecitve October 1, 2013. The $75,000 Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84) replaces the current
$10,000 bond requirement.

We have two levels of underwriting for the BMC-84 broker bond.

Our Ultra-preferred rate of $750 in most states,
and $614 in Washington State for the broker surety is based on:
Our Preferred rate of $938 on the broker surety bond is based on:
Our Preferred rate of $1,838 on the broker surety bond is based on:
Our Standard rate of $2,350 on the broker surety bond is based on:
Our Non-standard rate of $3,650 to $5,650 on the broker surety bond is based on: